In October 2014, fry from this beautiful Red Alpha mother brought $261 on Aquabid.

Albino red swordtail for sale

FREE Shipping. all of those voices showtimes near marcus duluth cinema(Xiphophorus helleri) Starting at $24. 1985 ap calculus ab free response answers pdf

Pineapple Candy Swordtail. 00. . 3 Hardness – 12-30 KH Max Size: 3.

Cherry Red swordtail (Albino) ₹ 200.

This highly sought-after variation of Xiphophorus helleri boasts a breath.

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They've got red eyes, red bodies, and red fins.

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SOLD OUT. Other varieties in stock are Red Panda, Panda, Red Velvet Wag, White, Black & White, Marigold, Red & White, Sky Blue, Black Moscow, Imperial Koi, Lyretail, Albino Koi, Pineapp. Other water parameters such as PH, and water hardness level should be kept at optimal.

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Poecilia sphenops is a species of fish, of the genus Poecilia, known under the common name molly; to distinguish it from its congeners, it is sometimes called short-finned molly or common molly. .

class=" fc-falcon">Red (albino), Red-eye, Lyretail Swordtail | Ro's Aquatics. Door Busters and Killer Deals; On Sale; Pet Adoption Promo;.

The female however does not have the distinguishing sword-like tail but her deep red coloration makes her breathtaking as well.

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00 to $75.


(Picture by Richard Pierce) The color itself is also very intense.

They will grow to be a miximum of 4”, require a temperature of 64-82 F, a KH of 12-30. We’ve started working on adding three fancy fin types, lyretail, hifin, and plumetail to each of our commercial swordtail, maculatus, and variatus lines. Albino genetic is always weaker and take generations to imporve:D. .

. (8) Swordtail Fish - Beautiful Adults - Mixed Colors & Genders 2" - 3" Long. Overnight shipping on all orders. The wild-type fish are a dull silvery color, often sprinkled black.


(Xiphophorus helleri) Starting at $29. . com.

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Albino Full Red High Dorsal/ 1 Breeding Pair Tank Bred.

SOLD OUT. Albino Red Delta Tail Guppy poecillia reticalata: Click for larger image Dumbo-eared Firecracker Red Guppy poecillia reticalata: return to TOP. . Black Velvet Swordtail xiphophorus helleri: Click for larger image Red Velvet Swordtail xiphophorus helleri: Click for larger image Red Wag Platy.